Rui Viegas - Professional Driver


Our team is trained to drive Light Passenger Vehicles and Buses.
We guide tours to several cities, giving general information
to small groups or individuals.

We are able to offer our clients a Tourism Driver Service using our vehicles as well as the possibility of driving their own vehicles. So our clients
can fulfill all legal requirements and European standards of driving and rest.

Rui Viegas - Professional Driver

Administrator / Tourism Driver

Rui Viegas

He graduated in Accounting and Administration in 2006 and always had a great passion for buses.
After years of working as a freelance Driver in several companies, he completed his training as a Tourism Driver in 2011 and since then he has been accompanying small groups by van and minibus in Portugal and abroad.
In 2015 he founded his company – Rui Viegas Professional Driver – and began to advise and accompany his own clients.
With a very unique view of life in general and tourism in particular, he always seeks for the next challenge. Citing a great Portuguese writer “Do not be afraid to think different from others, be afraid to think the same and discover that they are all wrong” Eça de Queiroz.

Rui Viegas - Professional Driver

Tourism Driver

Pedro Brito

He began his career as a Tour Bus Driver in 1998. After 12 years of driving groups throughout Europe, he graduated as a Tourism Driver in 2011 and since then accompanies individual and small groups in Portugal and Spain. His free spirit and the search for new challenges made him join this project from the start.

Rui Viegas - Professional Driver


Carlos Costa

He started his career as a Tour Bus Driver in 2000.
After 16 years of guiding groups across Europe, he accepted the challenge and joined our project in 2017 offering his experience to the growth of this company.

Rui Viegas - Professional Driver

Tour Leader / Tourism Driver

Hugo Leites

As a Tour Leader he accompanied groups from Latin America and Brazil throughout Europe.
He joined our team in 2017 after completing his Tourism Driver training in 2016.